Welgo provides its physician partners with tools that will optimize therapy and treatment outcomes, ensure viable patient prescription costs and improve financial performance for physicians. Our expert team of account managers and customer service representatives treat our customers as partners, guaranteeing the highest quality service.

Advantages For Your Practice

Competitive Edge Through Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

Welgo places you in control of ensuring that your patients receive their medication, start medication therapy and receive refills by providing practice groups with a low-cost simple to use online pharmacy adjudication system.

Cost Effective

Run your practice more efficiently. Save your staff’s time on administrative duties and time-consuming pharmacy hardware with easy to use and cost effective online software.

Improved Patient Compliance

Welgo allows you to improve outcomes and medication adherence, because 100% of prescriptions that you fill in-house go home with the patient.

Supplemental Revenue

With Welgo on your side, your practice can generate an additional $50,000 to $100,000 per year per physician.

Customized Formularies

Advantages For Your Patients


Welgo ensures no additional trips to the pharmacy or delays caused by prior authorization or pharmacy-physician interactions.

Improved Opportunity to Comply with Doctor's Orders

With point-of-care dispensing, 100% of the medications that you fill in-office end up in your patients’ hands. Compliance rates are 60-70% higher than prescriptions from a retail pharmacy.

Spend the Same (Or Even Save)

There is no cost difference for insured patients, while for uninsured patients, medications are most often the same or lower than retail pharmacy prices.